Guided taste


Our pleasant Mediterranean climate and the altitude at which these olive trees are grown give our extra virgin olive oils qualities that make for a unique flavour and aroma.

Our extra virgin olive oil is slightly bitter and rich in aromas. It is considered one of the best oils in the world because of its low acidity and high quality.


Manuel Montes Marín is not just a company dedicated to the production and distribution of gourmet olive oil. It is also a centre for olive oil culture learning among its consumers.
Manuel Montes Marin offers four distinct tourist activities that are adapted to the needs and interests of everyone who wants to know more about olive oil


Over the years, Aceites Manuel Montes Marín has won numerous awards in various categories bot in Spain and internationally, making the expertise of our company well known.

Our highly confident manufacturing process and our quality controls have allowed us to obtain a ripe fruity extract, rich in nuances, which is slightly bitter and rich in aromas, which occupies a distinguished place in the ranking of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world.